Unofficial Taylor Swift merchants on Etsy, elsewhere see business boom ahead of Super Bowl

Julia Gomez
Taylor Swift wears the viral jacket created by Kristin Juszczyk, wife of 49ers’ All-Pro fullback Kyle Juszczyk.

Swifties are going to watch the Super Bowl and bringing all sorts of unique, on-theme merch with them.

Shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and even cakes? Yup! Some items say things such as "Go Taylor's Boyfriend," and others have an altered photo of Taylor Swift in the Kansas City Chief's uniform about to put on her helmet.

When Travis Kelce, Swift's boyfriend, and his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won the ACF Championship, earning them a spot at Super Bowl LVIII, fans started coming out with unique designs to celebrate and support their favorite pop icon on the big day.

Swifties are purchasing or DIYing their Super Bowl outfits this year and posting it all over social media.

NFL, but make it Designer

Kristin Juszczyk, the wife of 49ers’ All-Pro fullback Kyle Juszczyk, went viral after she designed a Kelce-themed puffer jacket that Swift wore for Kansas City's first playoff game against the Miami Dolphins.

The designer, whose husband will play against Swift's boyfriend on Sunday at the Super Bowl, made a licensing deal with the NFL and is now able to use NFL logos on her designs, reports USA Today.

Juszczyk posted on TikTok demonstrating how she created the viral puffer jackets for Swift and Brittany Mahomes, the wife of KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

In the video, the seamstress shows herself sewing the jacket, which she says are made strictly out of jerseys, and stuffing them with "extra puff."

DIY T-Swift Merch

TikToker @emerald_outlaw posted a tutorial on how to create a Swiftie "jersey" using a Cricut and a premade KC t-shirt.

The influencer cut "Swiftie" and "13," Swift's lucky number, according to Today, out of vinyl, then used a heat press to add it to the shirt.

In the video, she called it a "super easy, Taylor Swift inspired Super Bowl shirt."

Not just a DIY

First four search results for "Taylor Swift" on TikTok Shop.

Those who don't have the time or money to buy a Cricut, sewing machine and heat press, but still want merch don't have to worry.

Instagram and TikTok are filled with unofficial Taylor Swift merch. Typing "Taylor Swift" on TikTok Shop will bring up more than several NFL and Swift-themed hoodies and shirts. Etsy is also another option for all those Swiftie Bowl merch needs.

Those who want a more subtle way to rock their support can preorder Swift's $14 ring that she sported during the AFC Championship, but they won't be able to get it before the Super Bowl.

The ring in question, a "Kansas City Chiefs #87 Tight End Jersey Ring", is sold by EB and Co.

Those who are willing to drop way more money can order the couple's matching diamond tennis friendship bracelets from Wove.

The bracelets can be purchased in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. But two of them, with your and your beloved's initials, will cost over $12,000.

A 14-year-old fan of Taylor Swift displays her Taylor Swift friendship bracelets she made herself on a shelf with her other Swift merch.

If that's a bit pricey, Swift's Baublebar necklace, which sells for $44, might be an option. But, again, those who want to order it need to add themselves to a waitlist, and they won't get it before the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl looks pretty sweet for Swifties

For Swifties who would rather buy cookies and cupcakes than jewelry and clothes, the Ruffled Cup has the solution for you.

On Instagram, the Texas-based bakery with locations in Amarillo and Lubbock, posted a video with the Kansas City Chief's logo on it. It then burns away to reveal Swift in a KC uniform.

"[The Super Bowl] is a big day for bakeries, and so we just thought it would be fun to do that burn cake," Deanna Hurt, the shop's owner, told USA Today

She wanted take advantage of the #burncake trend to show her followers that they could make that specific cake and maybe even convince them to get it for their own Super Bowl party.

According to Hurt, the part of the cake that burns away is wafer paper, while the image that is revealed is made from an edible image that is more like a chewy fondant.

Chesley Garner, the person in charge of the bakery's social media and the mastermind behind the cake video, said that a lot of people ask if the cake's flavor is affected by the burnt wafer, but according to the duo it isn't.

The women also told USA Today that they are both huge Taylor Swift fans, but their history with the Kansas City Chiefs goes way back.

Mahomes, who was formerly a quarterback for Texas Tech, a university located in Lubbock, claimed a spot in the bakery's heart long before Swift got Kelce's.

"He's actually eaten Ruffled Cup cupcakes before," said Hurt. "He's actually been in the [Lubbock] store, so we're huge Mahomes fans."

The Ruffled Cup is making all sorts for Super Bowl themed sweets.

Plus, they don't just have Chief-themed sweets. Eagles fans can order a cookie with a shirtless photo of Jason Kelce, Swift's potential brother-in-law and the center for the Philadelphia Eagles. And for the wayward 49ers fans living near one of the bakery's locations, they can order sweets that support their team, too.

"We are doing some 49ers cookies as well," said Hurt. "We do have some fans that live here and support them, but primarily it's the Chiefs."

Contributing: Jack McKessy, USA Today, and Cydney Henderson, USA Today.