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Editor's note: A number of readers took us up on our call for letters to the editor on what you wish for Wisconsin in 2024.

What I wish Wisconsin to be like in 2024: My first priority is for the whole Legislature, Senate and Assembly, and the Democrats and GOP, to grow up. Quit playing children’s games and do your jobs. Actually talk to each other. Remember, compromise is not an evil thing. The power grabs and ego trips they’re on would make one think that they think compromise is an evil thing.

I wish Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the rest of the Republicans don’t impeach newly elected Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz because her views aren’t all like theirs. To quote former justice David Prosser: “Impeachment is so serious, severe, and rare that it should not be considered unless the subject has committed a crime, or the subject has committed indisputable corrupt conduct while in office.”

Next, I wish the Supreme Court overturns the unconstitutional and grossly gerrymandered district voting maps. I want to pick which legislator will be my representative, not the other way around. I want my vote to count.

More Wisconsin Wishes for 2024:

End gerrymandering:Draw fair election maps, strengthen our democracy

Cherish our natural wonders:Revive the consensus to conserve the environment

Stop villainizing public school teachersTry imaging a world without educators.

A return to civility in politics:Rational debate guided by science, research is possible

My last wish is for the hard working citizens of Wisconsin who had the rug pulled from underneath them in 2012 - repeal Act 10.

Dick Pryse, Neenah

Put an end to gerrymandering, support teachers who bring sheer joy

"What do I want for Wisconsin in 2024," you ask? Let me count the ways we could have a better state.

The first thing I would wish for this year is a new, completely independent map, followed by a law that makes gerrymandering illegal in this state forever and ever, for both parties, no matter what. Then, a new election cycle to clean house in our legislature and give every voter in Wisconsin a fair voice.

The second thing I would like to see would probably take care of a lot of other issues. I read with sheer joy the article by Michael H. Carriere on Dec. 10 (“Meet the teenagers who are defying stereotypes about political apathy”).

I was aware of this program at Wauwatosa West, but not of how very amazing it really is. My wish is for every high school in Wisconsin to have at least one teacher who would bring this type of education to the students in his or her school. I was stunned to learn that civics is no longer a requirement. This sort of program would stamp out a lot of ignorance.

If there really is a Santa Claus, this is what I would ask of him.

Karin L. White, Milwaukee

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